A lifelong student of spirituality,  I've got a Bachelor's in Theology, and an interest in the Enneagram, Tarot, and Western and Vedic Astrology.  The philosophy I use is that if you're feeling trapped in life, the first thing to do is learn to meditate.  But telling someone to go meditate is like sending them out into the woods by themselves with survival skills, but no map of the area; they’re just going to stay there instead of emerging on the other side of the forest. At least it will take way too long to get anywhere in this life.

The Enneagram, Tarot, Astrology are all maps that are customized to your personal life, and thus are essential if you want to reach the destination that most people have in life- unfolding the outer layers of your unconscious  patterns that keep you in a rut, to the true essence of who you were meant to be.  If you want to survive out there (or ahem... in there), you need the survival skill of mindfulness AND the maps that show us how to navigate our particular, unique lives.

From Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.



I've recently started offering astrology readings for $5 as I'm still a student.  Aside from the Western insights you can get from a computer generated report (which I send you), I look at your chart from a Vedic perspective and send you about 4 paragraphs of insights from your chart and upcoming astrological events like eclipses and full moons, and how they'll affect you.