modern psychology sharpens our ancient tools.

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Readings last one hour and this is the general structure:

0:00-0:10- Introductions, background information on what the issue is, introduction to the Enneagram if necessary, discussion about the astrological transits affecting your sign, and a preliminary tarot reading.

0:10-0:20-  Short meditation to clear the mind

0:20-0:35- More tarot readings for clarification of the situation and discussion

0:35-0:50- Repeating questions

0:50-1:00- Meditation, summarizing, wrap-up.

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Ancient modalities of personal growth and self-understanding are just as relevant as they are today, but are becoming more articulate with the vocabulary we have now due to the extraordinary work in the field of Psychology since the early nineteenth century.

A reading with me connects Astrology, the Tarot, the Enneagram, Mindfulness, and spiritual exercises with present-day knowledge of Psychology.  [See What Happens in a Reading?]

I want these readings to help people understand their psychological patterns at the depths that are made possible by ancient wisdom.  I want them to feel more comfortable unfolding into a fuller experience of the lives they were meant to live. 

Inner inquiry in the tradition of those who taught us to