Observing ourselves with compassion when getting called out for racism

I spent a bit too much time on Facebook today and one of the posts that got me going was this conversation about how white people are unaware of their racism, and they get super indignant and butt-hurt when a person of colour points out that something we said was racist. Don’t worry, happens to me too. Happens to all white people… unless you’re

Venus goes Retrograde

Venus turned retrograde yesterday, which will have an effect on our love lives and generally just relating to people with civility. Venus Retrogrades happen every 18 months, and I remember last year when there was a Venus retrograde at work (I work at an elementary school), we all breathed a sigh of relief when it was over because the kids had been rude to each other and to their

If you lost a first child, couldn't bear children, or your eldest child is hard to raise

I’ve been writing quite a bit about Uranus this past week or so, and that’s still where my mind is at. Last night, I was discussing aerospace engineering with a friend— this field of study is represented by Uranus. Moreover, I had mentioned that when I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut.

Today, I got a call at work saying that

Sudden Turning Around of Fortune

I’m writing about this for anyone who has Uranus on the ascendant— people who experience a lot of sudden ups and downs in life— but this applies to all of us, in my opinion. I don’t think our highs and lows need to be of a “sudden” nature in order for us to remember that when we’re going through a dark time, that we need to hold on and stay the course because eventually

Knowing the Type of the person you're asking for advice from

 Smart people know that when they ask for advice, it’s going to come out of a particular filter. Even better is knowing what exactly that filter is — it helps enormously in separating the wheat from the chaff of what we’ve been told.

Smart people know that when they ask for advice, it’s going to come out of a particular filter. Even better is knowing what exactly that filter is — it helps enormously in separating the wheat from the chaff of what we’ve been told.

When you're going through a tough time discerning reality from mirages, sometimes all you want is someone who will tell you what to do.  I'm talking about that fog where you're completely lost, you think you've maybe wandered in circles for the last decade, and you've accumulated this mental list of people whose advice you can't trust anymore.  Maybe you’ve outgrown your peers, whatever, it's just you left. Even after doing all the spiritual exercises you know and prayed all the prayers you know, you can't discern your own internal wisdom and you want  to run and cling onto one of those people who are confident, assertive, and who can speak from their gut-- and expertise!-- about what to do.  I remember asking a Virgo if she really wanted to be working under someone all her life, fulfilling someone else’s orders, and she cried, “Oh all I WANT is someone to tell me what to do!”

I think Carl Jung might call this projecting our gold onto others- for whatever reason, we're unwilling or unable to access our own wisdom and believe it's somewhere outside us in a more put-together person.  Well if you're really, sincerely unable, I say go for it.  Project away. Mindfully.

Go ahead and call someone who’s earned your trust.  But!  In order to have a chance at staying grounded in yourself and not take everything as gospel handed down from God himself, it's good to know the personality type of the person who's advising you.  That way, if you know what their blind spots are, you can kind of get a sense of when something can be dismissed and when something has merit.

Knowing the Enneagram levels the playing field so we're not taken in by someone else's unconscious ego script.  The Enneagram is good insurance against getting bullshitted… as long as we've also got a practice of staying grounded in our bodies.  We don’t want to suspend our judgement and start drinking cyanide-laced kool-aid or anything, but a temporary, mindful suspension to get unstuck can be helpful.

Worst case scenario, we get wrong advice, but getting a kick in the pants from an eight, or having our heart opened by a gentle two, or having a six point out the red flags in a scheme can still be super helpful and help us in ways we wouldn't have been if we hadn't reached out.

Cars as omens of Venus and Relationships

Venus is widely known as the planet of love, and aside from representing relationships, ease, comfort, money, luxury, beauty, music, art, colors… and a bunch of other things… she also represents our cars. I’m linking a video of a youtube chat about omens here, and the interviewee talks a lot about the things that happen to our cars as omens. They can be used to give us signals about a relationship that needs to end.