The Chart for our Significant Relationships

What’s going on in the cosmos at the time we meet someone significant can tell us a lot about the quality of the relationship, its purpose, and the eventual outcome. To see what your relationship chart looks like, you can draw up — not a birth chart— but a horary chart: a snapshot of the sky at the time the astrologer receives (and understands) your question. One astrologer

Stressful week- What's happening in the Sky

I was writing about Uranus yesterday- the planet of surprise, revolution, explosive energy and impulsiveness. It made a difficult a difficult aspect to Mars last week, but we’re still feeling the effects, especially those born in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and among those, especially those born in the early degrees of the signs. Uranus square Mars has a cutting and decisive feel to it, whether that be in our

Where to go on vacation based on your 5th House

You can plan your vacation based on your astrological chart. The fifth house, besides dealing with children, romance, fun, wealth through speculative business, and elementary school, also deals with vacations. The astrologer I wrote about yesterday, Nikola Stojanovic, has a few of his students’ essays posted online, and one of them wrote about how she decided to plan her vacation around her what’s going on in her fifth

The Theory of Degrees in Astrology

Astrolada is a popular astrology channel on Youtube run by a cute and smart Bulgarian woman named Lada. I actually found the guy I wrote about yesterday, Ernst Wilhelm, through her. He was one of her teachers.

Anyway, since then, Lada has interviewed another man on her channel who is almost as interesting- a man named Nikola Stojanovic, a self-taught astrologer from Serbia who’s got his own theory on

Seven of Wands-- Grounding Oneself when Anxiety Around Boredom Arises

Society sure gets impatient when things don't give us what we want right away.  We hear, "just get rid of it" or "just dump him/her" all the time when something doesn’t produce when it should.  Seven of wands, like most cards in the tarot has two meanings- to reject or to persevere, and you