Attention is a Heat-Seeking Missile

Releasing our psychological crap through meditation is a never-ending process, but if we are wanting to have a life, when do we stop meditating and go get the groceries and clean the house?  When do we have a family, for that matter?  I was in a catch-22 this morning- I had a lot of yuckiness weighing my heart down and calling out to be meditated through, but at the same time,

Snake on a Plain-- And Psychological Projection

The state of Ohio is home to an important and mysterious snake effigy that archeologists have said is "arguably the most recognizable icon of ancient America."  Built by the Indigenous people of North America, the 1300-foot long undulating serpent has been declared "the largest survivng effigy mound from the pre-historic era" and National Geographic listed it as a "Great Wonder of the Ancient World". 

In my research for this blog post, I also

Artist as Leader

In North American Aboriginal culture, artistic ability was highly prized and considered a quality that showed potential for leadership.  The Western tradition, on the other hand, has arguably rewarded rationality and fluidity of logic over artistic abilty -- at least before the Dark Ages and after Enlightenment-- and there is a glaring

The Pentad

There was a question online from someone in one of my groups who was afraid of death- how do you deal with the fear?  When questions come up about death, I think of the pentad with its arms outstretched because the ancient Greeks associated the number Five with life, self-renewal and fecundity.  As an Enneagrammer, I see it also associated with generosity, giving and receiving, vulnerability and openness, qualities associated with a healthy Type Five individual.