Eckstra is Brand Spanking New. Swim Shorts Not.

Alright, here's the first post.  I've been designing this sweet little website up for the past two weekends and am pretty excited to launch... The look, the products, the vision are coming together, and thanks to Squarespace, I can edit my posts way better than I could in Weebly.  It still takes time to learn a new system, though, as evidenced by the fact that it took me three days to find out how to add content blocks on Squarespace. 

Anyway, my goal is for the site to be done by November 10, after which will ensue the corresponding Facebook business page, a new outgoing message on my phone, and I'm in business.  We shall see, we shall see. 

I've got an Enneagram workshop coming up next week in New York which I'm equally excited about.  I've been waiting two years for this workshop, which they say is life-changing.  The only things I've packed so far are Mr. M's birthday present, and some swimming trunks for my new little nephew, which are not new themselves, unfortunately.  My mom is handing-him-down my brother's old swim trunks because hell yeah!  We keep stuff like that in the family!