Tomorrow We Blog

This weekend I spent quite a bit of time watching youtube videos of Alexa Chung.  I'd heard of her, but I never knew exactly who she was.  Aside from being beautiful and stylish (she was a model for several years), a delightful mix of irreverent, funny, badass, and accomplished, she also has some good quotes. 

The one I took home was, "you can tell a lot about a person by the time they wake up."  Which was the first piece in a two-part dagger that drove home exactly how important it is to wake up early.  I want to be known as a productive, well-read person, and I want to have an important voice in the conversation about spirituality in the workplace.

The second piece was watching an interview in Berlin with Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham, venture capitalists in the tech space.  Poor Brad.  Fred is clearly a celebrity in the eyes of this German interviewer and didn't know Brad, so he didn't get ogled as much as Fred.  Asked why Fred has celebrity status as an investor, Fred just shrugged and said, "I dunno, it's the blog." 

Indeed, he and his wife have been blogging every day for years, and not that I'm looking for celebrity status (or am I??) I just know business owners personally get a lot out of blogging.  It's the equivalent of skimming the foam off the top of your brain in the morning so you can get down to business after breakfast. 

Which drove home the point once and for all that I need to 1) wake up early, 2) read, then 3) blog, or stay irrelevant forever.  Like really, enough is enough.  I've set my alarm for 5.  It will be quite apparent tomorrow morning if I don't post something now.