Self-esteem comes from output

I was writing a post on Sunday about the beheadings and mass murders that have been in the news lately, and it got a little difficult so I put it off, left it as a draft for a couple days, and now it has dissappeared into computer land.  I will come back to it again. 

I will say that I've noticed blogging this past week has made an improvement on the way I carry myself and think about myself.  It's crazy that you just have to start showing up and all of a sudden your business feels real.  There are some people (myself included) who believe(d) that self-esteem should come out of a vaccuum, shouldn't be tied to your accomplishments, and should just "be there because you love yourself."  I now see how self-esteem can come from having built something, and just because it's tied to something, that doesn't diminish its intrinsic value.  Cause god, do I feel good when I hit publish.  I would like to do this every day for the rest of my life.