Going back into the dream

Some people who know me know that I've had the same group of people showing up in my dreams for about the last 18 years.  The dream isn't the same every time, but the same kids from my childhood appear in a dream about once or twice a month. 

In his last book, Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung writes about the phenomenon of the recurring dream.

There are cases in which people have dreamed the same dream from childhood into the later years of adult life.  A dream of this kind is usually an attempt to compensate for a particular defect in the dreamer's attitude towards life... (pg. 40)

Sometimes it's novel and cool to wake up from one of those dreams because you'd wake up refreshed from having been "balanced out", but most of the time, and especially in the last five years, the dreams have started to grate on me and press on my conscience with a growing sense of alarm, shrieking, "You need to figure out what this means and move on!"  It was like I was caught in the past like an animal in a trap, and I almost wanted to chew a body part off just to stop the dreams.

Image from pendingquestions.wordpress.com

Dreams are odd little things.  After you wake up, you can sometimes go back into the dream and ask the characters what they're doing in your dream, or what they need from you.  I've tried that many times before but today was the first time I got an answer.  In the dream, I was running from a cult leader and its adherents trying to find refuge- it was a battlefield and everyone was trying to find me to make me become a member, and this group of kids were sitting up high on a ledge watching me.  After waking, I went back into the dream and asked them what they were doing there.  To my surprise, one of them looked over at me and shouted over the noise of the battle, "Involve us in your war." 

Finally, almost twenty years on, I have more clarity- something substantial I can work with.  Now all I need to do is figure out how to put that into practice.

About four or five years ago, I heard a quote that compelled me to spend 20 minutes each morning tryng to reacall and interpret my dreams: "The uninterpreted dream is a letter left unopened from the subconscience."  At about that time, I downloaded the dreammoods app on my phone, and look up various components of the dream in their dictionary.  It doesn't always give you a clear answer, but I think the unconscious honors the seeker by giving you more bits and more pieces over time, the more open you are to decoding the message.