The time it takes to change (on the outside and the inside)

This past weekend, my mom expressed surprise at something I did and she said she was impressed with me.  Given that you don't hear those words too often, they made me feel great.  It made me think of this Nike ad I saw once:

It's the same with working with mindfulness and the Enneagram, although the timeframe is extended a bit.  It takes a couple weeks to a year for you to notice a change in yourself, four to six years for your family and close friends to notice a difference, and about 7-10 years for the rest of the world to notice you've changed.  I had wanted my mom to notice years earlier, but given that it's just over the four-year mark for me since learning about the Enneagram, I can't complain that I'm too off-schedule.

I gasped when I first heard the revered Enneagram teacher Sandra Maitri saying it takes decades, "if you're lucky" to become free from ego-identifying beliefs and behaviors.  I get it now.  This is a life-long journey.