Kid Stress

An older student at the school I worked with lied to me a while ago, and her teacher got her to write me an apology letter, which I found in my mailbox soon thereafter.  She was pretty contrite and embarrassed of what she did.

I wrote back to her today:

Hi Xxxxx, thanks for the letter.  I appreciate the apology- I was a little annoyed that someone thought they could fool me.  ;).  I understand you were stressed that day, which led you to do what you did.  I’ll tell you- at least for us adults, the way we handle stress is what makes or breaks us.   It is the thing that determines if we’ll have an exciting career or a boring one, a great family or a dysfunctional one.  In fact, civilizations rise and fall based on how the individuals in it handle stress.  If you can figure out how your particular personality type deals with stress, learn to observe the pattern in yourself without judgment, it’ll become easier to make those constructive choices… which means you can do anything in your life, which is all I hope for you.


Mme. Mulligan