Movie-making is now fun

I hope to reveal a couple 1-minute videos I've been working on in the next little while.  I am so excited about them, I've put a lot of work into them, which is why my blogging has been spotty lately.  I've also changed my company name from Eckstra Credit to Rhode and Company.  There was the danger that former would appeal to the ego and just because your intent is to use a name ironically, doesn't mean everyone will get it.  Rhode and Company sounds smart, plus I like the idea of doing this teaching with other people. 

I've also been planning my 8-week Alchemy Summer School course, in which I'm teaching mindfulness, the Enneagram, and ancient astronomy and modern astrology.  And in fact, that will be the order in which I teach the three modalities because mindfulness has the slowest payoff; whereas you get insight right away with the Enneagram (especially once you find your type) and astrology, and I want to give students the opportunity to develop a bit of chance to see some payoff from mindfulness alone.  The exciting stuff like the Enneagram and Astrology sometimes can unmoor people from their practice.  I could be convinced otherwise-  I don't have a super strong conviction about the order- but that's how I'm doing it for now. 

It's going to be a super exciting course.  I almost can't wait, but I also still have research to do, so I want to balance out my excitement.  There will be two Beta classes before Alchemy Summer School starts in July- these will run April 29-June 17 in the evening at the Regina Public Library, and the other one will be a private function.