Alchemy Summer School- Getting ready for launch

As I sit waiting at the car wash, I thought I might as well blog from my iphone.  I've been working on my Alchemy Summer School page, so take a look over there and tell me how it looks. It's not finished, but if you like the general direction I'm going with it -- or even if you don't-- please tell me. There's a one minute video that will knock your socks off --that I'm looking for feedback on-- but again, it's still in beta mode.

Yesterday I received word that the wonderfully gifted astrologer Marina Ormes has accepted my invitation to teach with us this summer, so -- as she was the last one-- I'm very happy that I can proceed with full speed now.  I'm going to start advertising the Alchemy class on Monday next week, and I'll be "coming out of the closet" as a blogger- so leave please some comments in the comment spaces below any of my posts you're in flaming agreement or disagreement with and I'll respond.

Good feedback, constructive  feedback. I want it all. I know some of you read the blog every day so I'd appreciate if you let me milk you for all you're worth at this point in the game.  I know I have some pretty sharp readers.  Some of you stop by every so often, and I hope you feel free to share your wisdom as well.

As popular venture capitalist and blogger Fred Wilson says, it's nice to have supporters in your blogging community-- very nice-- but the contrarian ones are the ones who keep you on your toes and keep you honest, hard-working, and humble, and nothing would honor or delight me more than to have a handful of contrarians.  (I also accept cheerleaders, btw).  Open up a disqus profile and I hope to see many of you regulars on the other side when this is "live".

As I sign off today, I feel very lucky.  I may not know exactly what I'm doing (I actually don't), but I feel like this vision would happen with or without me, and I'm just along for the ride.  When I sit back and think about where society is going spiritually, environmentally, technologically, and in other ways over the next twenty to fifty years, I get excited to think that I might be part of that discussion; I want people to know themselves, and find out how interesting they are once they get past the conscious layer of their inner world, and my heart beats to that rhythm.  I'm a servant to my calling, though- you can't wrestle with it, argue with it or force it- you roll with it.  As Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg says, when someone offers you a seat on a rocketship, you shut your mouth and get in.