Smartphone guilt

I've been following tech investor Fred Wilson's conversation in his blog post the last couple days on the Apple smart watch with interest.  (Here is Yesterday's survey and Today's round-up).  He's got an early-adopter, high-income earner, geek readership, and you can spend hours reading the comments.  Very interesting). 

He's trying to gauge if his readers are interested in the Apple watch, and if he should be too.  So far, Apple has pre-ordered 5 M watches based on consumer interest they've seen so far.  Some of Fred's readers think it's going too far with connectivity and wonder how much more connected do we need to be?  Some think this is just the beginning of something we haven't even imagined yet.  I personally think they're geeky-looking, which will restrict it to the tech nerd circle, and not only that, but we already have so much guilt around accessing our smartphones that it will make it hard to sell to the non-techie.  Thoughts?  Will you buy an Apple watch?