The Latest Adopters Ever

On Wednesday, I wrote about an early adopting community in the tech sector that I kind of follow.  They like to be ahead of the curve - way ahead for these guys- so they can know the trends before they happen.  They want to know what to invest in while the valuations are still low. 

The Greeks were the latest adopters ever.  It took them thousands of years to adopt the number zero, even though their neighbors were using it for astronomy, because to them it represented the void and nothingness, which, because their minds couldn't fathom it, they just decided to avoid it.  They much preferred the perfection of perfect ratios anyway.  Instead of implementing the zero, their measurements just became smaller and smaller fractions in tinier and tinier increments. 

Procrastination is a little bit like being terrified of the zero.  Sometimes you have to step into the void and start a new equation.