Tony Hsieh's Memo to Employees

There are a few measures of emotional intelligence- four of them actually according to EQ expert Daniel Goleman- and one of them is the ability to manage yourself.  Manage your emotions and reactions for the appropriate context. 

Tony Hsieh's company, Zappos, adopted Holacracy two years ago, which is a philosophy that people can and should manage themselves in the workplace.  Tony made headlines last week by declaring to his employees that after two years of experimenting with it, they should fully embrace Holacracy- ie. learn to manage themselves- or leave by the end of April because they're doing away with managers. 

I haven't heard if anyone's left yet- the company's made up of 1,500 employees- but it's going to be interesting to find out, and if they're ultimately successful with Holacracy. 

It takes a high EQ to manage yourself- that's the basis of entrepreneurship- that you're your own boss, and not only do you build your own structures, but you're the executor too.  I go back and forth between my own structure and an employer's structure.  When I'm in either one, I start looking over the fence and looking longingly at the other side.  It's not easy making yourself do what you naturally do as an employee- show up on time, meet deadlines, take breaks with the bell rings, etc.  It's a muscle that I think you build up- start with little things by blogging every morning before work, then incorporate new things as you build up new structures.

The article on Hsieh's memo is here. It's quite thoughtfully written.