What you focus on grows

I'm still thinking about that Nathan East article I wrote about on Wednesday, and his daily list of gratitudes.  I've heard this said about personal finances, but I think in any instance it's true that "what you pay attention to grows".

I remember in driver's ed, we had to watch really old driving films, and one concept they taught us was that wherever you're looking on the road is where your car will go.  So for example, they showed this big blue oldsmobile, and how the driver was absentmindedly staring off to the left side of the road, and sure enough, he had to yank his car back suddenly before hitting an oncoming car because he was drifting off into the next lane.

I did that when I was learning how to drive with my mom.  I saw this guy walking along the side of the road, and he looked like a guy I knew... but only with a beard.  I kept staring and staring, and my mom freaked out because I was starting to drift into next lane, saying "What are you doing?!  What are you looking at??!" 

It's crazy how you can fall out of a habit.  I'm rededicating myself to my gratitude list-making.  I'm committing to at least 20 gratitudes a day.