Why I love astrology

I have gradually fallen in love with astrology over the past five years.  It started when I was casually reading through my horoscope in a paper, and it said that I was going to double-book myself that week.  I ignored it, accidentally triple booked myself that week, and realized maybe there was something to that ancient art and science of star-gazing after all.

The thing about astrology is that is tells us what's in our own personalized arsenal for dealing with life's problems.  You may have natural leadership abilities, but because your parents raised you to think really small of yourself, it may not be apparent at all to you that that energy is available to you.  It's like a hand offering you a gift.  It's not going to drop it into your lap- you have to reach out an do the work to accept it.

The other day, someone acted bigger than their britches, and overstepped a major boundary in my life.  At first, I reacted how I naturally react- by withdrawing and becoming secretive.  But then as I was reflecting that night, I realized, no, I have that powerful Leo in my chart, and I could act from that place.  I did and got the problem dealt with.