Building my Scaffolding for this Summer

 After a terrifying sail on some rough Cape Cod waters.

After a terrifying sail on some rough Cape Cod waters.

It will take a lot to top the amazingness that was the Epic Summer of 2014.  Mr. M and I spent it travelling around New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachussettes, Rhode Island, Ottawa, Maine, Cape Cod, and Martha's Vineyard. We did a lot of visiting, eating, painting, shopping, and anything that enabled us to stay cool in the summer heat.

This year will be pretty different- it will be here in Regina where I'll be doing all my writing and marketing for Science and Alchemy School.  While I can't wait to put my research hat on again, I also know I can fall into a black hole of productivity because my time will be so unstructured.  The thing about having a job is that you have a boss, deadlines, and accountability.  When you're self-employed, it's all on you to keep the wheels turning by yourself.  Nobody will care that you've slept in- in fact, they'll probably say, "Oh well, you must have needed the extra sleep."  Trust me- at 3:00 AM (when I wake up), those "friendly" words definitely drift in to your consciousness and start seducing you.  "I need more sleep!  My friend said I do!"

I've been through this massive unstructured block of time before, and what really helps to stay productive is:

1) make deadlines for yourself where you have to deliver a product or a talk.  It has to be something where if you don't meet the deadline, there's a consequence.

2) make coffee dates with fellow entrepreneurs- individually and in groups.  You want to  bounce ideas off each other. 

3) have someone working for you, or at least pretend you do.  By having someone to assign things to, you have to be thinking ahead, not just in a vague visionary sense, but in practical terms so you've got things lined up for them while they're still working on their last project. 

I'm setting up my summer "appointments" with my research assistant, fellow teachers, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs in the next week or two, so if you'd like to be one of those people, message me.