Article about Trump: Ego as Ideology

I loved the article David Brooks wrote this week on Donald Trump.  Here is the link:

Jung said "we cannot change anything until we accept it", and Brooks' attempt to see and accept the "Trump" in all of us will diminish some of the actual Trump's power in this election because although there is something good in him, having him in office would be very scary.  I wrote a comment for the comments section, but by the time it was finished, the NYT comments section was closed. 

"I appreciate this take on Trump. Incidentally, he and Bill Cosby have the same personality type (with a variation in the tenor with which they express their intensity).  This type- Enneagram Type 8- can very well seem like a breath of fresh air because they can speak "truths" that we've all been thinking but were too afraid to say.  They take great pleasure in being able to do so, as it's their strength, but that strength is based on an unconscious inner deadness that they feel.  To compensate, to feel more alive and "real", they amplify everything- work harder! Yell louder! Take bigger risks! 

Eventually, once all the PC manure has been cast aside, once their adversaries have been beaten, it becomes embarassingly clear to supporters that their fight for justice was for their own, "to defend against his fundamental belief that he is himself bad."  Sandra Maitri, an Enneagram writer says, "[Their] lust is ... the venting of pure and unrefined biological drive energy... libido fused with aggression" to get relief from their superego that chastises them for being weak and feeling "soft" feelings like empathy.  In response to the goading, they seal off their heart, the irony becoming that  they can never feel what they're trying to feel, so they become a slave to their superego's punitive, maddening script: 'You are nothing, so work harder and toughen up to be somebody powerful so one day, I will give you a day off and allow your heart to be touched.'"