Book Idea

A few years ago, I decided I was going to write two books; one at age 42 and the other at age 52.  (I was 32 when I made this plan, and 10 years away seemed safe enough.) 

The first book was going to be about the Law of Three, the Enneagram, and Feminism, which was going to be a game-changer that fills a lot of the emptiness of 21st century feminism; I wasn't sure of the second topic. 

Someone else has already tackled the Law of Three in the context of Christianity (although she does cover gender) in the beautifully-written, lucid, and intelligent book, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three in exactly the same style I'd envisioned.  I am so very grateful for the intellectual model to follow that is the uncontrovertible authority on this topic, Cynthia Bourgeault. 

My second book, I've decided is going to be about politics and the Law of Three.  I believe great imapasses can be overcome if people learned how useful it could be in the public arena.  It's basically a problem-solving "tool" or mechanism, with the do-nothingness of meditation.  Its simplicity and exceptional practicality are one more reason I am so deeply in love with the Enneagram.

(If you look at the Enneagram symbol to the right, you'll notice it's composed of a circle, an equilateral triangle, and an odd-shaped hexad.  The circle relates to the Law of One, the triangle relates to the Law of Three, and the hexad, believe it or not despite its six points, relates to the Law of Seven, all holy numbers in several mystical traditions around the world.)