Bernie Math

I love College Humour and also Bernie Sanders, so I thought this skit was super funny.  I mean, don't ask me about math or the American political voting system, but this is totally the kind of math I'd love to get away with.  According to Jung's definition of introvert- I'll have to look it up later- but it's something like we perceive truth on the inside, like in the psyche, or by way of intuition- there's some kind of technical definition, and Enneagram Fours are definitely introverts, so give me a psychological problem to solve any day over math.  When I do math, the information enters through the head centre, goes down to the heart (the intelligence centre of the Four) and does some twirls and summersaults and maybe even some drugs, and then gets discharged to the gut centre for execution.  I mean, not all Fours are bad at math.  Knowing the information makes that extra stop at the heart definitely makes me more careful, I know that.  Anyway, this video totally reminded me of heart math.  Still can't stop me from cheering tho.