Compassion Protocol for the Worst Days Ever

I'm usually pretty hard on myself- when I'm not being productive, my inner critic tends to stand there and whip me repeatedly, even when it's an extraordinarily bad day- when it feels like there are knives sticking into your back like the ten of swords card in tarot. 

Yesterday could easily stand out among 2016's worst days, and I've become conscious that when those days happen, I need to be nice to myself and basically allow myself to numb out a bit.  I'm of the type that would say, "no!  I need to feel the pain to process it!", but I've also become aware that I'm human, and can only process a bit of pain at a time.

Here's some things I'm allowing myself to do on extraordinarily bad days without any guilt whatsoever.

1.  Sleep as much or as little as I like

2.  eat an extra energy bar or two without feeling guilty (I'm a stress eater)

3.  use the heater (without thinking about the bill)

4.  watch youtube all evening

5.  throw my clothes on the floor instead of hanging them up (although trust me, I throw my clothes on the floor all the time- I just feel guilty about it.)

6.  If I don't drink my entire litre of water for the day, it's okay.

7.  If I don't want to go to the gym, my inner critic guesses that's okay, although I do have to promise to go the next day.

8.  slouch

9.  Eat A BIT of honey and peanut butter out of the jar

Here's what I still have to do:

1.  Wash and oil my face before bed

2.  Brush my teeth

3.  Move a TINY bit of energy around- I tend to get immobilized if I don't, so I have to make it to the garbage to throw out a wrapper, or put my shoes away... something to make sure the energy keeps moving a little bit.

If I only had normal bad days, I don't know if I'd have learned that it's even possible to shut the inner critic up.  On Extraordinarily bad days, I pull the plug on it and just enjoy the silent, empty ether.  I'm not in charge of manufacturing hardship to build my character- hardship is something that comes to you and you have to make lemonade with it... or don't make anything at all.