Getting Back to Meditation

 Zen meditators

Zen meditators

Last night I did a phone survey with a woman I met at an Enneagram workshop in 2014.  She's doing her certification to be an Enneagram instructor, and has to do a research paper on her own topic.  She's doing dreams and our instinct stack- how our instinct stack affects how we solve problems in our dreams.  Pretty interesting, and I'll definitely pay closer attention now... and incidentally I did have a dream last night that confirms her thesis.

We ended up having a lengthy conversation and I'll take some gems away from it, but the biggest thing I took away was a kick in the pants to get back to meditation.  I just moved, and I'm recovering from that, running around getting everything settled, and I keep saying, "when I'm settled, I'll meditate.  When I'm settled I'll meditate."  And you know that's just backwards, but you keep feeding yourself that line.  Eventually it has to stop. 

One thing she mentioned about it that I liked was this idea that meditation is time spent with yourself, reaffirming your purpose on this earth.  I liked that line.  After how many decades on earth, I finally know my purpose- to teach the Enneagram- that, I'm 100% sure of, but how am I actually advancing on that purpose?

Anyway, you just know meditation is the right thing to do.  My job is super stressful, and when you're driving to work in the morning and your anxiety has already got your pulse up and your muscles clenched, you know you have stuff to process, and the more you put it off, the more it builds and becomes a monster.

Plus the coaching school that she attended (New Ventures West)- I think one of the best coaching schools in North America, if not the best- asks their students to commit to 30 min a day. 

'Nuff reasons.  Must get started today.