Third Force Blind and Dumb possibly

 The Enneagram symbol.  The triangle joining points 3, 6, and 9 is a symbol for the Law of Three.

The Enneagram symbol.  The triangle joining points 3, 6, and 9 is a symbol for the Law of Three.

I might be misunderstanding how the Law of Three works.  What it is is a technology basically- a way of solving problems at all levels- from the personal to the cosmic- that allows the practitioner to access a higher level of being.  You use it when you're in a deadlock in life- some area where you're stuck and can't see your way out.  Because the human brain operates in a field of "binary-ness" (I made that word up), or to put it another way, because our ego structure only lets us see the world in dualistic terms (we can only see the two forces that we're stuck between), we're "third force blind"- ie. we can't see the solution from where we stand, and we need to inject a third force into our push-pull deadlock situation to see the way out.  The neutralizing effect of the third force on the two forces pushing and pulling aginst each other on us opens the way to a FOURTH point- a new horizon.  This fourth point is not the result of compromise, which often leaves us dissatisfied and somewhat bitter, but it almost always reveals itself in a surprising, satisfactory, and elegant way.  This is all according to Cynthia Bourgeault, author of The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, this book I'm reading.

This video is how I came to initially understand what the Law of Three is- this is a video of Russ Hudson giving a talkin Paris about the law of three- basically he's saying we come to to see what the solution is by way of meditation and body awareness, taking a deep breath, coming back to the sensations of the body.  So basically I always assumed you had to do quite a bit of meditation before you could see the third force. 

Last night I was reading an example, from Bourgeault's book that made me realize the Law of Three was a bit more fluid? than I realized.  So first off, she heads off this section of her chapter thusly, "The Third Force is Best Accessed through an Alert, Flexible Presence that Can Hold the Tension of Opposites".

Here's the example- it's one Canadian civil servants will especially appreciate. 

A remarkable example of this kind of midwifing was contributed by a member of our Canadian Wisdom circle. As the director of a small, government subsidized service agency, she steeled herself each year for the dreaded spring ritual when the heads of all such agencies were required to appear before a board of provincial adjudicators to orally defend their budget and make their request for next year's needed funds.

As she waited her turn in this seemingly endless litany of petitions, she pictured the situation according to the Law of Three.  First force was clearly held by the p, with their presenters, with their legitimate need for funding and equally legitimate sense of desperation.  Holy denying was quite literally held by the adjudicatory board, which seemed increasingly of a mind to throw out a certain number of requests altogether and substantially trim back the rest.  She realized that in the situation as presently configured, the two opposing forces were simply colliding on an energetic ground of scarcity, the assumption that there was not enough to go around.  There was no third force.  Could she do anything to create it?

Suddenly an inspiration arrived.  In an instant, she threw away her prepared speech, and when it came her turn to speak, she smiled warmly and began, "I want to thank you all for the generous funding we received from you last year.  Here's how we spent it."  She then went on to detail all the good work they had managed to accomplish on what was actually a very small subsidy.  As she spoke, she could sense the adjudicators visibly relaxing and her colleagues staring in wide-eyed amazement.  She concluded, "We are not asking you for a single additional penny this year, and if we need to cut back, this is the strategy we've put in place to do so with a minimal impact on our service."

It almost goes without saying that she received the full amount requested.  By introducing gratitude as th emissing third force, she managed to shift the energetic field from a sense of scarcity to a sense of abundance.  And from that field of abundance, she did indeed receive her daily bread.

So this is a nice story and I'm glad it worked out for her, but depending on what her personality type, this could've been pasive-agresiveness just as much as some other kind of manipulation.  Bourgeault is really hammering home that it takes a lot of work and discernment to be able to tell what is the "holy affirming" and "holy denying" force in any given impasse, so I'm assuming this lady was at a level that she could discern not only that, but the needed third force, so I'm going to just Bourgeault at her word that this is a good example of the use of the law of three and see if I can understand it a bit better.

Does anyone else understand the third force to just be an inspiration that arises in an enlightened moment?  How could she know this would be the bright idea that would work??