Kindle on a Canoe

I had a bit of a reaction to this Amazon ad yesterday when I posted it.  The more I thought about it and remembered my canoe trips, the more I felt like Kindles and canoes don't belong together.  If you've spent a day or a week canoeing, you know how you feel when you're on the water.  Even if it's a shitty trip, you feel like your soul has been washed of all your hassles as you paddle the world behind, like all your inner wrinkles are getting ironed out.  Your body gets dirty and greasy with each day, but inside you feel fresh and clean, and you vow as you're packing up and driving home that you won't touch your smart phone for two weeks because you want to preserve that feeling.  And inevitably you end up checking your e-mail when you get home and instantly regret it because you feel that old familiar shrivelling up of your soul as you get caught up in the electronic world again. 

I mean, it IS just a Kindle, and I don't know if e-mail is available on that, but why would he bring an electronic device on a canoe anyway?  Unless there are also maps on it.  But if you get turned over, the cost of replacing a book is 30$ versus 150$ and you'll get lost either way.

Personally, I'm a physical book person.  I prefer the feeling of holding a book in my hands, so maybe that's what I'm reacting to- I'd bring a book and a collection of maps in two separate ziplock bags.  But I do stand by this- this ad is a bit of a commercial invasion to a holy space for us Canadians.