Fours and their Noses

Is there something about Fours and their noses?  At my first Enneagram workshop, the teacher was going through all the types and would list the body parts associated with the types, so type 9 was the butt because of their sloth, type 1 was the eyes because they're like eagles scanning the surface of the earth for imperfections, and type 4 was their nose "because there's a" and then he spoke with a pinched nasal whine, "'Why me?' approach to life that Fours have".   Fair enough.  I didn't know I was a Four then anyway, but fair enough.

I found out a couple months later while I was working at a call centre... the same call centre where I got called into my supervisor's office because I was using a scented product- Burt's Bees lipgloss.  The Individualist a few cubicles away had reported me.  I was so insulted, I went up to her desk and showed her the list of ingredients.  "This is organic!  Look!  It's all natural!"  I was so mad, reported by my own kind for an issue I also have to suppress all my own demons over.  Scented products have such a similar effect on me that it's one of the reasons I turned to all-natural products in 2007.

Last night I went to go pick up my car from the shop where I'd asked them to rotate my tires and clean it.  I had forgotten to mention to use "organic cleaning products", which they apparently did last time, and when I got in my car, I hit the roof because it smelled like a chemical manufacturing plant.  It smelled like some cheap-ass imitation-orange scent that was in the discount bin and Wheaton Chevrolet bought every last bottle and decided to spray the death scent into all of their customers' cars.  So my windows are all down and I'm driving with my hand over my mouth, and my head tilted toward the open window as I'm driving home, and I'm almost crying.

Fours already get mad at objects, but smells are personal because they enter the body.  Right?  I get mad at walls for being there when I run into them and I take it personally, like, "damn wall, why do you have to be there?  Just one more thing that doesn't understand me."  Machines are another thing.  But scents are a whole other ball game.  When someone sprays Febreeze or some other cancer-causing scent in a room, my raging princess diva rises to the surface and scares the shit out of me and I have to be like, "not now! not now!"  And she's like, "Yeah, but I know what to do here."  And I'm like, "Actually, you don't.  Please just go take a breather and I'll come check in on you when we're out of here."  And she's like, "Yeah, breathe WHERE?!"

I could've easily raised hell last night at Wheaton's.  I was so mad, I wanted to ask them to hold my car in their garage for an entire week where I could keep the windows open and let the wreaking orange smell off-gas back into their garage, but in fact, I had another reason to be mad- I had asked them to clean my car (they did- hence the smell), but the one spot on my passenger's side- a blob of liquid soap- that I wanted out was still there, so I had to ask them to come back and try again to wash it out.  The guy was like, "oh, well I'm going to have to use a harsher chemical on the spot then", and I'm like, "actually, it's just soap.  You should just need water."  I was calm and respectful throughout, and that's the best I could've asked of myself in that moment.  Good job, Erin.

Do any other Four have special issues around scents?  I'm sure there are many stories to be told, and I bet it has something to do with our Holy Idea of Holy Origin- like we have this need to be authentic, or "all-natural", and for someone to spray something to cover up a natural smell, is an all-too-familiar metaphor for someone dismissing us in the outside world.... ??