Waking up Angry

I once heard someone say that Type Eights wake up angry.  I thought since that's a pretty core emotion for the Eight, the other types must wake up to their go-to emotion too, so I decided to see if I, as a Four, woke up melancholic. 

Of course, nobody wakes up immediately feeling a certain emotion.  There's that timeless ethereal white space first thing between sleeping and waking where you're processing your dreams and you just want to stay like that forever, unaware of who and where you are.  And then you remember you have a meeting that day, or something jolts you awake and suddenly, your regular thought patterns shoot back into place.  As your psyche fishes for its ground, it must grab what feels the most familiar. 

My first thoughts aren't always necessarily about melancholic things (?), like let's say my first emotion is anxiety, but I'll settle into a melancholic feeling about the anxiety.  Sometimes I'll just have to take a look at the heavy feeling that's settled over me and say, "Hey!  What happened there?  I was feeling so good before!" and the awareness shooes the clouds away....