The US soldier's I Love Me Binder

I learned about the American Army's "I Love Me" book from an American friend- it's a collection of all a soldier's certificates and liscences and documents that you've earned while in the army so whenever you are seeking a promotion, you 1) already have the originals and don't have to go ordering lost copies, and 2) are reminded of your accomplishments and can bring them up in the interview.  You put them all in plastic sleeves and organize them in sections according to your

  1. Personal Information
  2. Military Training
  3. Awards & Decorations
  4. Military Education
  5. Civilian Education
  6. Other

You wouldn't have to be in the army to put one of these together.  If you have trouble remembering your accomplishments in life, a civilian variation on this would be a pretty solid constant reminder and a good investment in time and self-love.