The best piece of advice I've ever gotten

  Move stuff.  It doesn't have to be this heavy, though.   Image from 

Move stuff.  It doesn't have to be this heavy, though.  Image from 

I preface this with "everyone needs different advice", so take this with how it sits with you.  Depending on your personality, you're either going to need this or not.  So when I was at my first Enneagram workshop, before I even knew what type I was, the guy was going through all the types and when he got to the Four, he was saying how they often fall into sluggishness and then immobilization because the weight of the world is on their shoulders, and they have all these unrealized dreams from having spent so much time spinning around in their feelings, and as a result of their permanently fixated gaze down into brokenness in the dark depths, coupled with realizing how much of life they've missed out on, they can fall into depression, and they can get stuck there.  "So", he said, "move something.  Go rearrange your closet.  Go for a walk. Do something to move energy around." 

It's the single best piece of advice I've gotten.  I mean, it's been a while since I've been down in those dark depths I just described, thank god, but even on a regular night, when I'm putting something off and I catch myself locking up in the heart space, I'll get up and put something in the garbage or put my feet on the floor, or something to prevent me from wasting my evening twirling around in my feelings.  I hear that guy saying "move something" in my head all the time.  I can't say how much it's helped.

Even if it's sloppily done, even if I'm trying to leave the house and I don't have my grocery list all planned and my gym bag packed, but I've wasted half my morning and need to get into the gut space, I'll leave some things undone just to get my gut engine going, then I can come back and do another set of errands after.  Sometimes sloppiness totally redeems the day.