It Didn't Start With You

You may have heard of this book from people recommending it on Facebook.  Do get a copy of it if you've got some issue in your life that isn't going away, whether it be an intractable health issue or something emotional or financial that's bogging you down. 

This author suggests that through epigenetics, the fallout of unprocessed trauma that families go through can be passed down to the next generations and affect their children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildrens' lives in eerily similar ways.  The research looked at descendents of survivors of the Holocaust and 9/11, among other tragedies.  It's a new idea, but he presents some convincing evidence; if not for the science, read it for the stories of his clients alone.  I recommend it highly, although I do have one medium-sized critique, which I shall leave for tomorrow. 

Today was my birthday so it seemed a fitting day to light a candle to my family on both sides who came before me, navigating dictatorships, raidings, forced labour camps, forced military service, witnessing family members being shot, losing children at their own hand, famine and near starvation, refugee camps, and finally immigration procedures and long boat rides for me to be here today.  I express my deep gratitude to all of them, and I think especially of the ones who didn't make it.