Fours as Stock Market Investors

Upon recommendation from Fred Wilson, one of the bloggers that I read every day, I'm reading The Aspirational Investor by Ashvin Chhabra.  I'm on chapter 10 about the stock market, and I saw a picture (not this one) illustrating the "buy low, sell high" principle.  When I saw the illustration, I realized Fours are the best equipped out of all the types to invest because they have little sensors already built in telling them when things are getting too exciting, too crowded, too optimistic, and too hyped, and they need to go do something unique and original.  Fours have no problem leaving a big crowd of "sheep" because they have a natural aversion to being just like everyone else.  They "sell high" all the time. 

Just the same, they love an underdog, especially if said underdog is suffering.  In their sensitivity, they take on other peoples' pain and cheer them on through their struggles because they know what it's like.  The total "buy low" narrative. 

They just have to remember to stay in their ego state when they're trading stocks and they're sailing.  ;)