The Astrological Money Report

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Everyone who wants to understand their gifts and abilities with respect to wealth-building should get a copy of their astrological money report.  I had bought mine last year from the notable astrological report provider Astrodienst (, but the quality wasn't that good.   Their personality and relationship reports were good, so I was dissapointed the money one wasn't as good.  Whoever translated wasn't a native English speaker.

Then yesterday, I get an e-mail saying that they've revamped the report and re-written it so it's more clear.  I read it through today (20 pages, with wide margins), and I was way more impressed with the writing quality. 

It's 50 bucks US, which is going to be about 65 dollars Canadian.  As an astrologer told me once, it's our birthright to be able to provide for ourselves and build, with our gifts and abilities, a stable financial future for ourselves and our loved ones.  This report is useful for helping you understand what you bring to the table, what you value, how you make spending decisions, and how disciplined you are at saving, just to name a few things.

Worth it.