It's been about two weeks since I last blogged- I've had the summer off, and I just went back to work and am mentally climbing out of the mountain of papers on my desk. 

Here are the insights that have captured my attention in the last two weeks:

- I continue to be amazed at the wisdom of Tarot.  Look at this spread; it's the response to: "What will it take for me to get my career off the ground?"  I was listening to a Sandra Maitri talk the other day and she said basically, "In the Diamond Approach, everything is true.  It all leads to the same thing."  When you go to church, you're warned against people who say that, but here she comes right out and says it in those exact words, "There's truth in everything".  Every path has something to offer.  I love that.  Anyway, so here we have Tarot speaking the language of the Enneagram.  The Emperor on top represents career, among other things, and the three pages along the bottom (there are four in total) represent learning to wield a certain power or energy.  The wand in the first card (with the page of wands) represents the body; the cup in the second card with the page of cups represents the heart, and the sword in the third card with (with the page of swords) represents the head.  If you know the Enneagram or Gurdjieff, this is ringing lots of bells.  We aren't fully human, and working at full capacity until our head, heart, and gut (body) intelligences are aligned, in tune and working in sync with each other.  I couldn't have planned a better spread.  How beautiful.

- I'm so inspired by Michael Naylor, a Facebook friend and an Enneagram teacher who has committed to working out 90 days in a row- he's even doing it on the road, and has posted many pics of his workouts.   For all the people who are the same personality type as him, I'm sure we're all just honored to be led by such a brave soul, letting go of his compelling-yet-fake-ass-identity-bestowing Type Four ego to show us what we're capable of.  Fours typically are anything but steady and regular, and they go around carrying this fake ass ID, in the form of our personality type that tries to tell us that we'll only be real when we get deeply in touch with our emotions (see: Dunham, Lena).  Because our emotions are where we think our identity is at, we're more prone to have our days dictated by how we feel.  We get trapped there, in the heart space, swirling around, and maybe making it to the gym once in a while.  Michael is showing us what kind of emotional sobriety and equanimity is possible in our lifetime.  He's showing us that our actions make us real, not our introspecting.  Thank-you Michael.

- I'm totally into this Netflix show, The Get Down.  It's about the evolution of hiphop circa early late 70's.  Totally recommend it.  The kids don't always have the best delivery of their lines, and you have to use subtitles because they're talking so fast with Bronx accents that you miss so much without them-  but the episodes are getting better, the storyline is compelling and the cinematography is dreamy without taking away from the grittiness of late 70's Bronx.  The kid who plays Shao, the apprentice to Grandmaster Flash, is super cute and is going to be a star.  He was most recently in the hit movie Dope, which won a ton of awards last year.

- I'm meditating longer and more regularly than I ever have.  It's replacing some things or at least competing for space in my day with things that used to take up space but not provide any value to my life.  Feels so good.  If anyone is considering making a commitment to carving out a certain amount of time every day, and the idea scares you a bit, try it and see what it does for you.  There's a barely-perceptible shift, but it's a shift nonetheless, and it happens every day when you sit down in the arms of the beloved.  Sigh.  It really is a coming home.

- I've been exhausted lately, running on the treadmill of life trying to get ahead.  Finally this week, I kind of just caved as I was hauling my groceries upstairs and acknowledged with a felt sense that I was a part of the 99%.  I've always resisted feeling like a part of the majority- again, it's a Four thing- but I realized that acknowledging being a part of the majority didn't preclude any hope that I'll emerge victorious, or any sense of individuality.  I do feel like it was an important step, but I'm not sure how... keeping my eyes open.

- I found my brother's subtype this summer.  Makes me so happy because I understand him better, and with understanding comes empathy for all the times he's annoyed or baffled me over the years.

That's all for now.