Spiritual Diversificiation

It's been about four months since I last blogged, and now suddenly, I have all these ideas for posts.  One reason might be because the Toronto Raptors start their 2017-2018 season on Oct 19- less than a month away- and I'm ramping up for another season of basketball with Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.  So whether my creative juices are linked to the NBA or not, let's get back in the game.


If you read this blog, you probably know I'm also a fan of a venture capitalist named Fred Wilson (and his wife Joanne Wilson), if not for their money smarts, then also just for the fact that they have had the discipline to blog every single day for years, even on Sundays sometimes, and this morning I woke up to an AVC post in my inbox on diversification.  Today, Fred Wilson was reminding us that we should have:

  • 25% of our net worth in cash (t-bills, money market funds, etc)
  • 25% of our net worth in blue chips socks (Amazon, Google, etc)
  • 25% of our net worth in real estate (income producing with little to no leverage)
  • 25% of our net worth in a risk bucket (venture capital, crypto, etc.)

This is all well and good, but it dawned on me as I was reading this that I had this incredible 3-part dream about spiritual diversification.  There were three scenes and in each one, there was this effort to strengthen the weakest centre of intelligence which is, by the way, the strategy to achieve spiritual balance taught by those in the Enneagram school.  In our bodies, there are three centre of intelligence- the head, the heart, and the gut (sometimes referred to as the body).  All humans are well-versed and super comfortable in one of them, relatively comfortable in a second, and out of touch with the third.  We bring ourselves into balance and wholeness when we work on the third one.

The Head Centre: People who have fallen into the head space have become out of touch with the heart and the gut.  This example from the movie Pi by Darren Aaronofsky is of a mathematician wanting to impose his intellect over reality at the cost of his two other centres.  If he had included his heart and gut, he would've transformed his knowledge into wisdom.  A head type going to extremes and cutting off the heart and gut results in madness (see Riso and Hudson).


This intelligence centre is obvious- it's the centre of the intellect, and in the first scene in my dream, our house was being robbed, and the robbers were taking our computers.  They were going to steal all the information we had accumulated over the years, so I called my mom and told her to remember everything she knew and record it onto another device.  It turned out she was a scientist, and she started dictating everything she knew about science into a recorder.





The Gut Centre: Here is another example of someone who has gone to extremes.  Enneagram Type Eights impose their gut intelligence over reality at the cost of the heart and the head.  For Trump's subtype, he is much more disconnected from his head than his heart.  The way one should conduct business or politics should be with a balanced connection to all three centres.


Neuroscientists are just starting to learn about how the brain's neurotransmitters descend into the gut, and how our brains receive tons of information from the insides of our gastrointestinal system.  We often hear about "trusting your gut" when you meet people, and "going with your gut" when you're taking a test.  This is the centre of trusting your instincts, enforcing your boundaries, taking up your space in the world, protecting and growing your assets, and going after what you want in the physical realm.  In the second scene of my dream, a bunch of people were at the lake and a kid got lost.  We all split up into groups to go find him. 


The Heart Centre: You can be a tarot reader and be in touch with all centres of intelligence, which is how they should be read.  I'm using this reader as a stereotype of someone who probably overvalues the heart intelligence, and not judging this individual reader.


This third kind of intelligence got its name by a Harvard researcher named Daniel Goleman in the 1980's.  Emotional intelligence is being aware of how we react to different emotional triggers, and knowing how to respond to in a mature way.  Just like with the other two centres, if we're not self-aware, we can get overwhelmed and lost within our heart centre, and the way to avoid that is to excercise our way out of there.  If our weakest centre is the body, to do physical excercise, eat root vegetables and whatever it takes to get in touch with our grounding, and if our weakest centre is the brain, to make sure we're using our logic and reason instead of emotional manipulation to get what we want, or relying on others to do our thinking for us.  In this scene in my dream, everyone was waist-deep in the lake (the dream's metaphor for emotions) and we were doing these really difficult exercises.

About 99.999% of people on the planet out of balance, some to a greater degree than others, and as someone who needs to be reminded to nurture the gut/body, the dream was an interesting reminder to take care of some to-do items that I've put on the backburner like get back to the gym, take care of my physical space (ie. clean my apartment and wash the dishes), work on my meal plan, and make some important phone calls.