Molly Sims- "The Girl Next Door" Type 6

Molly Sims book.jpg

I’m a casual admirer of the modeling industry (I know, I know), and one of my favorite supermodels is Molly Sims. She’s a tall, beautiful Type Six from Kentucky who made it big when she got chosen for the cover of French Vogue in her twenties. Last night, I was looking for a book to read while the laundry was going and, having finished with my financial astrology book, I needed something light, so I reached for Molly’s book and flipped to the green smoothie recipes.

Type Sixes can be so endearing with their insistence that they’re on the same level as every other joe who is clearly below them on the hierarchy. Her Type 6 humility is also why her book is called “Every Day Supermodel”, as if to insist that she is just a regular girl from the Bible Belt who struggled with acne and a unibrow, and we readers can reach the heights that she has, just by following her beauty tips, which she shares girl-to-girl.

Riso and Hudson speculate on why Sixes connect so well with others:

Healthy Sixes have an endearing, personable quality which unconsciously appeals to others. It is sometimes difficult to say exactly what this quality is or how healthy Sixes can so easily engage people. In any case, healthy Sixes know how to arouse strong emotional responses in others, engaging their emotions unconsciously. … It may well be that Sixes are able to engage people because of their own genuine curiosity about others and their desire to find mutually beneficial connections. It is as if Sixes were silently asking, “Can we be friends? Can we work together?” Others sense that their friendliness is genuine and so respond positively.

Of course, Sixes are driven by nervousness and one big fear comes from the idea that “the tallest blade of grass is the first to get cut”, and there’s obviously the fear of losing their support systems, so there’s a constant need to be reminded that their supports are secure. This comes across as humility and people find it really endearing, especially when they’re in leadership.

Healthy Sixes also help the enterprises they have created or joined by bringing an egalitarian spirit and a strong sense of community welfare. They are respectful of others and are able to create a collegial atmosphere in which everyone feels like a partner or a coworker rather than a superior and a functionary. They understand that their security is largely dependent on the well-being of their place of employment and their community. They therefore work cooperatively with others to maintain the institutions and structure which make their community stable and healthy.

I’m not saying Molly is “healthy” in the technical sense- as Riso and Hudson say, 99% of the people on this planet are in the average range- (and actually astrologers would agree with this too), but still, I love reading about the healthy qualities of all the types, and I love seeing them demonstrated in everyday people.