How Boring the Moon Is

The moon. Image from Pinterest.

The moon. Image from Pinterest.

In Western astrology, the emphasis is on our sun sign- we tell people we’re an Aquarius or a Pisces. That’s because our sun is in the sign of Aquarius or Pisces. Or wherever. Obviously there are a bunch of other planets that play just as important of a role, but the sun in Western astrology represents the soul.

In Eastern astrology, the moon is more important because it represents the mind, and what gives you more insight into someone’s life than their mind, right?

But when astrologers of any persuasion go on and on about the moon, I just want to curl up and die because it’s so boring*. Once you know the Enneagram and have been blown away by how exactly it describes each pyschic structure, you just can’t go back to anything else. It just tastes like pablum compared to the quality and the scintillating precision that you get with the Enneagram. Every attempt at describing the moon’s varying qualities in the different signs just pales in comparison. The Enneagram has no rivals, no equals when it comes to describing the human mind. I mean, OK, I should slow down— I have learned some interesting things about my moon, so I’m not going to dismiss it, but no insights so breath-taking and ego-arresting as the Enneagram.

On the other hand, all the other planets and their aspects are super important and act as great supports to our understanding of our type. And they play a primary role in prediction. The Enneagram doesn’t do any prediction, so astrology really shines there for me, and you need to know your moon for that.

*Yes, I know this is dramatic. I’ll blame my Mars in Gemini that renders me physically in pain when I’m bored/ insulted at the low level of intellectual stimulation I’m getting. I’ll return to my less opinionated self tomorrow.